Servicemember Civil Relief Act ("SCRA") Violations

The Servicemember Civil Relief Act (“SCRA”) provides a range of protections for members of the Armed Forces who engage in active duty, including in the areas of mortgage foreclosure, mortgage interest rates, credit card interest rates, student loan interest rates, life insurance, health insurance, eviction, civil judicial proceedings, and federal taxation.

Among other things, the SCRA limits to 6% the annual interest rate for any mortgage, student loan, or other liability that a servicemember can be charged during military service. The SCRA prohibits banks, mortgage companies, financial institutions, storage facility operators, and other companies and institutions from foreclosures, repossessions, and placing liens on property against active-duty servicemembers without first obtaining court orders. The SCRA also allows servicemembers to terminate or cancel rental property leases entered into prior to active service.

Block & Leviton’s Veterans and Servicemembers Rights and Benefits Practice Group is currently litigating the following cases concerning failure to comply with the SCRA:

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