Whistleblower Litigation

Block & Leviton’s expertise in securities litigation is second to none, and through the course of advocating for shareholder rights and investigating claims, the firm is in constant contact with employees, former employees and other confidential witnesses.

Through interacting with those individuals, the Block & Leviton Whistleblower Representation Practice was born. The SEC and other government agencies have lucrative programs in place to reward individuals who come forward with unique knowledge of fraud occurring at publicly traded companies. Payments have been as large as $30 million to a single individual.

The attorneys of Block & Leviton have dedicated their careers to detecting, and correcting, fraud and other violations of the law. Because of that extensive experience, we know exactly what the SEC and other government agencies are most focused on and are able to make the process as easy as possible for those investigating agencies, which leads to extraordinary results. A large percentage of our whistleblower clients are ultimately awarded compensation.

Our Whistleblower Practice is dedicated to protecting the anonymity and the rights of those individuals committed to reporting possible corporate violations – sometimes at great personal and professional risk. We operate under the principal that each situation and individual is unique, and we walk our clients through every step of the difficult decision about whether, how, and when to blow the whistle and report wrongdoing. All cases are filed anonymously and confidentiality is assured.

Block and Leviton recently represented two whistleblowers who uncovered fraudulent accounting practices at a private equity fund. Our representation of these whistleblowers led to the maximum award allowed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) – 30% of the SEC’s recovery related to these fraudulent practices. This award – in the aggregate over $800,000 – was one of the largest whistleblower awards ever issued by the SEC.

In addition, Block & Leviton is currently representing a whistleblower in a lawsuit against his former employers for retaliatory discharge in violations of the Dodd-Frank Act and common law. Specifically, the action alleges that this whistleblower was harassed, suspended and ultimately fired because of his diligent efforts to report and remedy illegal practices at his place of employment. The SEC, in fact, filed an amicus curiae brief in support of our client.

If you believe you have inside knowledge wrongdoing or fraud at a company, please contact us. There is never any cost to you and your anonymity is assured.

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